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Dark Angel, #5

Angeldust is penned by one of the greatest paranormal authors, Hanna Peach. Ms. Peach brings to a close one of the best paranormal series I have read in years. This is the perfect time for you to jump on board and read the whole series now.

The Dark Angel series final curtain closes with a heart throbbing conclusion. The relationships developed between the characters and the audience is explosively concluded with such a powerful, gratifying messages. The impact of these influential messages throughout Ms. Peach’s narrative creates memories which may reside within readers for a long time. I know it did that for me. Angeldust is not a stand alone book. This series must be read in sequential order to feel the energetic forces of the characters, settings, problems and solutions.

The Dark Angel series is interwoven with gods, angels, demons and hijacks. The audience’s imagination and soul will be involved while reading this series. The blending of fiction, facts and supernatural energies are unforgettable. I know I will never forget the thrills and sensuous auras that radiated throughout the storyline of Angeldust as well as the Dark Angel series. Roaming through the depth of the Earth, Hell and beyond with realistic yet magical characters readers can bond with can make the tiny hairs on the readers’ spine and arms stand on end.

There are many complexities that follow the main characters and supportive cast. Readers will walk with courageous, sexy and comical characters: Alyx, Israel, Jordan, Cleo, Lukas Tobias and Sparrow. These characters will warm corners of the heart. There are tales of ancient prophecies and broken promises. Readers will get rapid fire action, drama and suspense. Expect to be taken on an adventurous ride.

The kick-ass heroism of both women and men will delight readers of both genders. The fierce combats hit every spectrum imaginable: physically, emotionally and spiritually taking the reader on missions beyond the depths of Heaven to Hell and everywhere in between from Egypt to Atlantis.

The suspense and unpredictability of the storyline in Angeldust keeps a reader pinned to their seat. Angeldust made me appreciative of the personas of others. My favorite aspect of book five was the well-defined characters and their situations to overcome adversities. The partnerships and the manner in which the communities function kept me glued to each page as the mysteries unfolded.

Angeldust’s settings, character, rising and falling actions and resolutions in my opinion were spectacular and powerfully depicted.

I lost my breath multiple times by the characters the acts of love, support, perseverance, kindness and betrayal.

The entwined love and devotion between Alyx and Israel gives me hope in the power of love and being with ones’ soulmate exists. Their unshakeable connection of Soulsight is a dream come true and the magical element romance readers enjoy and are drawn to while engaging in a romantic epic.

Angeldust is a book that penetrates almost every fiber of the audience’s being. Angeldust is a five star conclusion to a top notched highly rated paranormal, romantic series.

Well Done!! Ms. Peach the Dark Angel series, in my opinion is flawless. The entire series is awesome, well written and executed. I look forward to your next big series.

Book Blurb for Angeldust

The thrilling conclusion to the Dark Angel series...

Everything about Michael's dark plan has been hidden - until now. On an island off the coast of Egypt, a fourth Seraphim city has been discovered; a city that doesn't appear on any Seraphim map. This city is hidden, the air smells of blood and there is something very, very wrong with the inhabitants.

Back at Castle Speranza, while Alyx is off uncovering the secret of Raphael's charm, someone will betray her in the worst possible way...

Michael now has everything he needs. Will Alyx be able to stop him? Or could this be the end of the world as we know it?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 5.00