Modern Monsters

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Modern Monsters

When I began this book I wasn't too sure what to expect. The synopsis was what grabbed me. A seemingly unknown young man suddenly thrown out of obscurity and trying to save himself. Sounded interesting. What I didn't expected was this gripping and emotionally telling tale with a serious unexpected twist at the end that leaves you dropping your jaw and feeling so much for the main character Vic.

From page one you knew that this book would just grab you and not let you go. The character Vic really gets to you. You feel empathy for him and as you get to see his life, his world and all he goes through you just want to help him. You root for him to come out of this stronger than ever. Vic is a sweet and kind guy. He isn't violent and doesn't want to be violent. He has been loyal to his best friend for years. Even when his best friend became popular and stuck by his side he never felt slighted by some barbs from him. He wanted everyone to be happy. His mom gave off the vibe of despising him and through that he still wanted her love and approval. He worked hard and never was mean.

One night his world changes. It gets flipped upside down and never rights. In a way this change helped Vic evolve and become more outspoken and get more confidence in himself but it is a horrible injustice to him as well. One night he gets accused of doing an unspeakable act to Callie. A girl he was trying to help. This one night has thrust him into a world in which he is to be a pariah. He handles it with dignity and tries so hard to deal. He keeps his head held high as his mom turns on him and as Callie's best friend tries to be horrible to him as well.

Autumn, Callies best friend, at first will be a little rough on you. She is fiercely loyal and really horrible to Vic. As the situation evolves she sees that Vic is really a kind shy guy and starts to help him find out what happened to Callie.

That is the crux of the book. The uncovering of events that night when he helped Callie and his world becomes a nightmare. When now he is a pariah and his best friend is acting odd as well.

The twists in this book will really have your eyes bug out. The way Kelly York has built up the story and events is riveting and really the empathy created for Vic only increases as more is revealed. She takes a seemingly innocuous character and turns his world around. In the meantime we get the privilege of watching his responses, his evolution into a stronger character and him find romance as well. While this is occurring we are privy to front row seats in the unraveling of what happened to Callie and the downfall of people that truly have it all. It is so heartbreaking to see the ending for Vic. He loses so much but gains as well.

This is a riveting book that you will not be able to put down. The writing will ensnare you and just keep you fascinated and the emotion you feel will just be incredible as you watch Vic's life get put into chaos and the mystery unfold before your eyes. The ending wow. Just wow. A great story from beginning to end.

Book Blurb for Modern Monsters

Vic's always been the awkward, blend-into-the-crowd kind of guy. If not for his best friend dragging him along, Vic never would have been at the party that night. But he was at the party that night, and he did help the passed-out-drunk Callie Wheeler upstairs and into a bedroom. Where he left her to sleep it off.

He swears it.

So when Callie claims Vic raped her that night, the quiet, shy Vic finds himself in a storm of accusations and guilt. He also finds himself reluctantly pairing up with Callie's best friend, Autumn, to uncover what really happened. As his feelings for Autumn deepen, so does the web of lies surrounding the party. Can Vic clear his name and uncover the truth?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50