Every Inch of the Way

The Professor's Rule

The story has grown so much since the first book. We see more maturity in characters and more growth in the plot.

Here we see James come in his own more but I believe he is misinterpreting the actions of the Professor. This does cause him to go off and lose something he didn't realize he valued or needed until it is too late. At times James feels guilt for his past and accepts it for what it is. He also accepts more and more that pain grounds him. It is what keeps him centered. Satish sees this as well.

Satish is a character that has grown as well. He sees that pain isn't something he can hand to someone but seeing the result of pain in the bruising is beautiful for to him that is an extension of who James is. This is something they are both just coming to terms with. Satish I think understands the Professor a little more than James but isn't really sure.

The story of the coming together of James and Satish is beautiful in that Satish accepts James and embraces what James needs to be whole. He helps James become stronger. In the end though James is broken by his own actions and is in for another lesson that could be costly.

In this book, the Professor comes to terms with James and feels as if he has been crushed. Mainly the disappointment in how James truly sees him is what hurts him the most. So he does what he needs to protect himself and James. This for me was the sad moment. Finally I see James in a good space and he takes his anger out on the professor in such a hurtful way.

The story brings us through the coming together of Satish and James and how Satish accepts James for who he is. We go through the evolution of James into seeing who he is and looking back at his relationship with the professor. The look at the past is one that causes rage for James and this he does act rashly on and may just have destroyed something unique and lovely in what he had with the Professor. A wonderful next step in this series that brings us the complexity of needing pain to center you while desiring normalcy.

Book Blurb for Every Inch of the Way

Satish Malhotra is in over his head. What appeared to be the hookup of his dreams turned out to be another man’s kinky sex game, and thus ended his relationship with sweet, submissive James Sheridan before it’d hardly begun.

Or so he thought. Being used in someone else’s domination/submission play should have been a deal breaker, yet James—bruises, boyfriend, and all—is too compelling to let walk away. But James has needs Satish isn’t sure he can fulfill, and it seems his mysterious Professor isn’t willing to share.

Can Satish keep James happy in bed and in life, or will James be forced to choose between his dominant and his burgeoning vanilla romance with Satish?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50