The Sheriff and the Baby

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The Sheriff and the Baby

HA #1309 - Babies & Bachelors USA

C.C. Coburn wrote her first book while she was bed-ridden with a broken foot and heavily pregnant. Under the advisement of her doctor, Coburn used her restful time to pen her first manuscript. What came of her down time? A book titled Colorado Christmas, a thirst to write more, and a new baby. Colorado Christmas introduces Coburn’s O’Malley Men series and ultimately sets up the premise for book two: The Sheriff and the Baby. The Sheriff and the Baby is a short, yet very sweet, story about a Sheriff named Matt O’Malley who happens upon (O.K., he almost gets run off the ice slicked road by…) a red sports car with California license plates. After the sports car veers off into an embankment, Matt pulls his Ford Excursion off the side of the road and rushes to the cars aid. Inside the car is a woman, who the readers later find out is Beth Ford, a very pregnant woman, one who is mere seconds from giving birth. Panicked, Matt rushes Beth to the hospital and ends up staying for the birth.

A couple of things stick out right from the get-go. 1) Beth Ford, or so she says, is a very skittish woman. Matt, the very observant Sheriff, realizes something is off with Beth and is determined to get to the bottom of it. 2) Matt, the reader’s hero, is hiding behind emotional turmoil. When he reaches the accident scene, Matt’s inner monologue piques the reader’s curiosity and begs the question: “What is going on here?” These mysterious workings are resolved in good time! Just read this book and find out the answers.

The story begins with the accident and leads to the birth of a healthy and pink cheeked little girl named Sarah. The name Sarah has a very special meaning, what is that meaning? Ah-ah-ah, I cannot, and will not give away that answer, so do me a favor and pick up The Sheriff and the Baby and find out!

Because The Sheriff and the Baby is such a short story, 102 pages, I felt as if the story was rushed. I really enjoyed the mystery and danger that revolves around Beth’s past, and why she is running from the law; and, I enjoyed the romance side of Beth and Matt falling in love. What I did not enjoy? All of the above happening within a few short days. This story has great ground work for a larger book, and I would have loved for it to have been at least 100 pages longer. The too fast romance, the shockingly scary details following Beth around, and the development of a family, happened way too fast.

Beth, who was still in the hospital after giving birth to Sarah, falls in love with Matt, and vice-versa. I know love can happen at first sight, but I felt as if this story needed more pages and a lot more words in order to fully capture my attention. I was baffled by how fast the entire story developed.

To conclude, I found The Sheriff and the Baby to a short and sweet read, yet it ended too fast for me to fully enjoy it. I recommend readers read this book if they find themselves with a few spare hours and nothing else to do.

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Book Blurb for The Sheriff and the Baby

When Sheriff Matt O'Malley rescues a pregnant woman after a car accident and helps deliver her baby, he quickly begins to feel protective of her—of both of them. Matt is increasingly drawn to Beth Ford and her daughter, Sarah—although he's noticed that Beth isn't your average new mom.
For one thing, she's obviously hiding something. Like her real name…
Beth's falling for Matt, too, and she loves the large, boisterous O'Malley clan. She can't let herself trust him, though. The last time she trusted a cop she almost ended up dead—and now she's on the run. But Spruce Lake, Colorado, is starting to feel like home to Beth…and the O'Malleys are definitely starting to feel like family.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.25