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The Lantern

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The Lantern, a novel by Deborah Lawrenson, is like stepping into an old painting, and walking around a world that is not our own. From the very first page, Lawrenson sets the tone of a great and mighty mystery. In just a few words, I was hooked. I wanted, and needed, to read on to find out what this novel was all about.

The Lantern is a tale of secrets, magic, mystery, and romance. Taking place in a crumbling farmhouse, this novel is full of modern Gothic delight. With its added in romance, every reader will be left satisfied when they close the pages of this one. I, for one, was completely immersed in this haunting tale of murder and love. The who-done-it mixed in with the fixings of an epic love story, The Lantern packs quite a punch.

This novel is a delightful treat for any reader who wants to be taken away into a world that doesn't quite fit in with this decade. I felt like I had stepped into the past, yet was still in the modern time. Lawrenson's way with words and her amazing attention to detail left me clinging to the edge of my seat. I gasped, I clutched my shirt, and I cried in amazement. This story of Eve and Dom left me breathless.

Going into this read, I had already read great reviews, and had been told by friends that they devoured The Lantern in one setting. I now understand, and hopefully the readers will too. Please pick up this novel and be taken away on breathtaking adventure.

Book Blurb for The Lantern

A modern gothic novel of love, secrets, and murder—set against the lush backdrop of Provence

Meeting Dom was the most incredible thing that had ever happened to me. When Eve falls for the secretive, charming Dom in Switzerland, their whirlwind relationship leads them to Les GenÉvriers, an abandoned house set among the fragrant lavender fields of the South of France. Each enchanting day delivers happy discoveries: hidden chambers, secret vaults, a beautiful wrought-iron lantern. Deeply in love and surrounded by music, books, and the heady summer scents of the French countryside, Eve has never felt more alive.

But with autumn’s arrival the days begin to cool, and so, too, does Dom. Though Eve knows he bears the emotional scars of a failed marriage—one he refuses to talk about—his silence arouses suspicion and uncertainty. The more reticent Dom is to explain, the more Eve becomes obsessed with finding answers—and with unraveling the mystery of his absent, beautiful ex-wife, Rachel.

Like its owner, Les GenÉvriers is also changing. Bright, warm rooms have turned cold and uninviting; shadows now fall unexpectedly; and Eve senses a presence moving through the garden. Is it a ghost from the past or a manifestation of her current troubles with Dom? Can she trust Dom, or could her life be in danger?

Eve does not know that Les GenÉvriers has been haunted before. BÉnÉdicte Lincel, the house’s former owner, thrived as a young girl within the rich elements of the landscape: the violets hidden in the woodland, the warm wind through the almond trees. She knew the bitter taste of heartbreak and tragedy—long-buried family secrets and evil deeds that, once unearthed, will hold shocking and unexpected consequences for Eve.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.50