Mother Love

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Mother Love

As a younger woman, one in her mid-twenties, it is sometimes (okay, quite often) hard for me to indentify and empathize with women older than me. Usually, women older than me have experienced marriage and raising children, however, I have never been married, nor do I have children of my own. So, I say it would take a really gifted author to get me to feel emotionally connected to a woman who is reeling from a divorce and trying to raise her grown children. Judy Griffith Gill defeated all the odds, and got me to feel a deep connection to the lead character in Mother Love.

Mother Love is the beautiful story of a woman, Joanna, mother of two girls, and grandmother of little Eddie. She finds herself, at the age of forty-three pregnant and ostracized by the women in her community. They fire her from the job she desperately needs because she is a poor role model. When her eldest daughter, Faith, leaves town with Joanna’s beloved grandson, I nearly cried. I felt awful for her and I wanted nothing more than to reach into my book and give her a hug.

Gill has taken this wild and crazy story plot and turned it into an exciting adventure. I wish I could summarize the entire story, but I would hate to spoil any of the story plots, because they are a joy to discover and unlock. I really enjoyed the different themes, and was surprised that I was not overwhelmed by how clichéd some of them could be. Gill does a fantastic job writing this lovely gem.

I do want to point out of aspect of this story, love; love of family, friends, and of self. Joanna learns to love her mother, whom she does not have a great relationship, and her ex-husband-turned into question mark? Hehe! Joanna also regains the love of her children and of two new guys in her life. Please read this story to find out who these guys are. One is obvious, but the other is so sweet.

To conclude, Mother Love is an absolutely beautiful story of loss, love, and gain. Everyone will gain a greater sense of what it is to love their friends, and most importantly, their family. New love is discovered, and old love is recovered. Gill is amazing and I will continue to read her works in the future.

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Book Blurb for Mother Love

Contemporary romance

# of pages: 143 pages

Joanna, long divorced, mother of a single-mom daughter and a rebellious teenager, is pregnant, through accident, not design. Her older daughter thinks it's "cool", her teen thinks it's humiliating, and her mother's in such a fog of pot smoke she doesn't care.

Her sometimes lover, who is not the father, wants to marry her, but he's a "ramblin' man" not a good marriage prospect even if she wanted one. One marriage was plenty! But, when she suffers a serious accident, Joanna discovers her family can pull together, love each other, care for her, and that her mother's advice—"when you find a good man, hang onto him"—is worth listening to, and that a ramblin' man can settle down when the time is right.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75