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Love's Road Home

For all the readers out there, you should know one thing; I am “the” music girl. I study it, I play it, and I love reading books about it. So, when I found Love’s Road Home by Lisa Lewis, I was beyond excited. I could not wait to dive into a book about Rock N’ Roll and the happenings of a love discovered on a musical tour. Unfortunately, I was left wanting. I think Lewis did pretty good overall, the love between the characters was real, and I enjoyed the goofy and witty banter between the two leads. However, I had it in my head I was going to be joining a Rock tour and I did not.

Love’s Road Home centers on up-and-coming Country Rock singer and guitar player Tom Crowley, and roadie Bethany Miller. Bethany, the daughter of Tom’s tour manager George, has taken refuge on Roadhouse’s tour. She grew up on tour busses because of her father’s chosen career, and despite the fact that she deplores the thought of living her life on another bus, Bethany needs to escape the nightmare she left behind in San Francisco.

Tom, instantly smitten with the leggy blonde, wastes no time in befriending the pretty roadie. Bethany, on the other hand, is wary of Tom’s attention. Bethany, very much attracted to Tom, has hidden secrets, secrets that revolve around a derange ex-lover. Interesting, right? I was really intrigued with this aspect of Love’s Road Home, but I predicted the ending early on, and that makes me sad. I love to be surprised when reading, and Lewis tried to throw in a plot twist, and it worked for a few chapters, but failed overall. I laughed when I should have gasped.

One reason, a big reason, why Love’s Road Home was not a complete disappointment is: Tom is such a goofy and likeable guy. Lewis wrote such a funny character! I have not read a male lead as funny and silly as Tom in a very long time. I was absolutely satisfied with this character, and it does not hurt that Bethany, and the other characters were equally enjoyable. Two thumbs up from me!

I gave the good, now I need to give the bad. One reason, a big reason, why Love’s Road Home was a disappointment is: the writing of the tour atmosphere, and the concert descriptions. I want to be taken away in a story, I want the descriptions to be so vivid I can see, feel, and smell the pictures being painted. Lewis, who did “okay” did not give enough. I wanted to see the audience from Tom’s eyes, I wanted to see Tom from the audiences eyes, and I wanted to see what a real Rock N’ Roll tour feels like. What sounds were heard on the tour buses? What happens, besides card games? The tires rolling on the highway, the scenery from the windows as the bus travels from one state to the next. I wanted something deep to grab onto. Lewis touched the basics and it does the job, but it could have been better.

To conclude, Love’s Road Home, the debut novel by Lisa Lewis is worth the read. Tom and Bethany are a couple most people would be happy to cheer for. I think Lewis did a good job for her debut. She has room to grow; it is only up from here. If the readers are interested in a cute, funny, love story, Love’s Road Home is a good choice.

Book Blurb for Love's Road Home

***Debut Title***
She wanted to settle down.
But he was on his way up …
A normal life? Bethany Miller has no idea what that is, but she wants it. After spending too much time on an ex-boyfriend only interested in pinning his crimes on her, she accepts a desperation roadie job from her band manager father. Still running from her misspent past, she meets an altogether new thing to avoid—a gorgeous brown-eyed man who seems about as far from "normal" as she can imagine.
Teetering on the edge of stardom, guitarist Tom Crowley’s music is his number one priority now that his band’s first major tour is underway. So why is more and more of his attention sidetracked by his less than friendly crew member? Can’t a love life coexist with a life on the road? When Beth’s vengeful ex escapes police custody, Tom’s protective nature and attraction know no bounds—if only he can get Beth to stopping running.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.50