Life On Hold

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Life On Hold

Karen McQuestion proves with Life on Hold something that should be continuously proven. Contemporary Young Adult Literature can be pretty darn amazing. Most YA books get knocked down and brushed aside as childish, yet McQuestion's work is top notch, and a fine addition to any bookshelf. Young readers or not, Life on Hold most definitely holds its own against all genres.

For fifteen-year-old Rae Maddox, all she wants is to settle down and have a place to call her own. Her mother, Gina, has other plans. Always on the move, Rae is never at one place for very long. When they finally land in Wisconsin, Rae is happy that she just may get her wish. All goes according to plan until things go terribly wrong.

Told exclusively from Rae's point-of-view, McQuestion is able to reach the readers with her gift as a writer. Rae is a delightful voice, and a beautiful addition to the YA Contemporary books of today. She's a fun, witty, smart, lively, and loveable girl who just wants to belong somewhere.

When new student Allison makes an appearance at Whitman High School, Rae is asked to be her tour guide. Things go well for the two girls until Allison's mysterious arrival sparks major trouble for Rae, and everything she'd been working for. All of Rae's hopes and dreams of a steady life are threatened.

What is overall a coming-of-age tale, Life on Hold is a lovely book about finding oneself and holding a balance when life tilts and turns without notice. Rae learns to forgive, to understand, to love, and most of all to be loved in return. I definitely recommend this book to readers!

Book Blurb for Life On Hold

Fifteen-year-old Rae Maddox’s mom, Gina, is a big fan of fresh starts. Gina thinks of them as an adventure, but for Rae, each move is just one more friend lost, one more chance to feel like an outsider. But when they arrive in Wisconsin, Gina promises to stay put until Rae graduates. Cautiously optimistic, she wades into the social whirl at Whitman High School, making a few friends and even earning a chance at love. But when the vice principal pairs her with fellow newbie Allison Daly, Rae’s tentative happiness is jeopardized. It seems Allison was orphaned after her parents died in a suspicious house fire, leaving their daughter to bounce between relatives’ homes. When a sleepover at Rae’s house goes terribly wrong, Rae sees a troubling side of Allison—and learns a few secrets about her own mother in the process. Suddenly Rae is at risk of losing everything and everyone she cares about—unless she steps up and takes charge of her life once and for all.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00