Flirting with Disaster

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Flirting with Disaster

London Confidential, #4

A quick recap from Don’t Kiss Him Good-bye: Sandra Byrd, an American author, does a remarkable job with writing a book series set in London. As I was reading, I assumed Byrd was a British author who had knowledge of American culture. I was pleasantly surprised to find out Byrd is not British. My hat is off to her!

The London Confidential Series follows the life of 15 year-old Savannah “Savvy” Smith as she copes with moving from Seattle to London. The forth, and last, book in the series, Flirting with Disaster, picks up where book three, Don’t Kiss Him Good-bye, leaves off. Now established in her school, Savvy has a best friend in Penny, finally! I was so happy to see Savvy make a friend that liked her for more than one conversation. Patience really is a virtue, yet another lesson she learns. Not only does Savvy now have friends, she is slowly making her name known at the school paper. Her ultimate goal is to have her own by-line on the paper. Throughout the series, Savvy has gone through quite a few trials, yet she always comes out of them with a great attitude!

In this last installment, Flirting with Disaster centers around Savvy’s semi-obsession with text and e-mail forwards. We all know what it is like to receive something like this: “Forward this to 10 friends within 2 hours & something good will happen in your life 2day and 2morrow. But if you don’t then something bad will happen 2day and 2morrow. This is real and not a joke.” These forwards are very annoying; however, Savvy believes them and starts to pass them along. When good things happen to her, Savvy believes the forwards brought her luck. She takes quite a turn from her faith in this book. I was slightly disappointed that she let her life be ruled by these forwards.

One forward has the potential to ruin everything Savvy has worked for: her column, her ministry, and even her friendships. Sandra Byrd concludes this series with a bang. She waited until the very end to write about what could be Savvy’s biggest lesson. What a way to keep the readers in suspense!

I have nothing bad to say about Byrd’s writing. She does a fantastic job mixing humor and seriousness in these books. Every teen will think the London Confidential Series was written for them. She effortlessly wrote a series that teens can relate to without feeling like an adult is preaching to them.

As much as I love this series, I do have one complaint. Savvy, in each book, has the tendency to drift off in her daydreams. It was cute in Asking for Trouble, but by the third, and definitely the last book, I was over it. I got it the first few times, the others were overkill. It got to the point where I was annoyed with Savvy’s character. Please, next time do not include so many of these!

To conclude, Flirting with Disaster is one of the best books in this series. Byrd managed to tie up all lose ends, and she concluded this series on a high note. I highly recommend this book and the other three as well.

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Book Blurb for Flirting with Disaster

In a shocking turn of events, all writers for the Wexburg Academy Times will cast their votes for next year's editor—and it looks like Savvy's vote will be the tie breaker! She must choose between a nasty-girl-turned-nice, with a sudden interest in letting Savvy get what she wants, and the prickly Hazelle, who promises nothing at all. Savvy then finds herself wrapped up in a new, seemingly innocent but potentially dangerous activity. It's all at risk in this book: her position on the paper, the boy she likes, the ministry she wants to go well. At a critical moment, Savvy must figure out how to rely on God rather than luck and to overcome temptation before it is too late.
London Confidential is a new series for young girls. In the series, British fashion, friendships, and guys collide as an all-American teen girl learns to love life and live out her faith. The series follows Savvy's entertaining attempts to fit in during her first year at a new school in a new country.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00