Don't Kiss Him Good-Bye

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Don't Kiss Him Good-Bye

London Confidential, #3

A quick recap from Through Thick & Thin: Sandra Byrd, an American author, does a remarkable job with writing a book series set in London. As I was reading, I assumed Byrd was a British author who had knowledge of American culture. I was pleasantly surprised to find out Byrd is not British. My hat is off to her!

The London Confidential Series follows the life of 15 year-old Savannah “Savvy” Smith as she copes with moving from Seattle to London. The third book in the series, Don’t Kiss Him Good-bye, picks up where book two, Through Thick & Thin, leaves off. Now established in her school, Savvy has a best friend in Penny, finally! I was so happy to see Savvy make a friend that liked her for more than one conversation. Patience really is a virtue, yet another lesson she learns.

As the year slowly moves along, Savvy is faced with another English tradition: The May Day Ball. This is not a normal school dance, this dance requires months of preparation; months that Savvy did not have. Unfortunately, Savvy realizes that she will not be able to attend the Ball because she does not have a date. I felt so sorry for Savvy! Here is this really cute and sweet girl, yet all of these speed-bumps keep halting her walk.

As Savvy’s journey continues in Don’t Kiss Him Good-bye, she meets a troubled boy who unsurprisingly has a bad influence on her. Savvy, desperate to fit in and desperate for a date to the ball, chooses to hang out with this boy, and trouble is there to greet her.

Byrd does a fine job with this third installment. I love how she blends in faith and humor with this cross-cultural series. It’s a well-rounded book, full of lessons, full of fun, and full of dresses! Byrd smartly chooses themes and topics girls can relate to in order to teach a lesson. She has a heart for the betterment of young teens, and through her writings, each lesson is delivered with a sweet humor. At my age, I am learning these lessons as well. Great job, Sandra!

To conclude, those who have read the first two will not be disappointed with Don’t Kiss Him Good-bye!

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Book Blurb for Don't Kiss Him Good-Bye

Now established in her quirky British village, Savvy works hard to get an article with her own byline published in the school newspaper. When an attractive and mysterious boy asks her for help with his school work, Savvy is slowly pulled into his circle and soon finds out that the wrong set of friends-boys and girls-can influence her own behavior. Following her own advice to cut ties with a charming bad boy would mean abandoning her dearest wishes, and it just doesn't seem as wrong as it feels. Is it? Read on for surprise twists throughout the book!
London Confidential is a new series for young girls. In the series, British fashion, friendships, and guys collide as an all-American teen girl learns to love life and live out her faith. The series follows Savvy's entertaining attempts to fit in during her first year at a new school in a new country.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00