Bad Apple

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Bad Apple

Bad Apple you say? I say good book. I may even say this is one of the best books I've read this year. Laura Ruby, oh how you slay me with your magnificent writing. In all honesty, I would think Ruby was a sixteen-year old girl. THAT is how good she is. Not very often do I find an author who connects so effortlessly with their characters, but I found one in Ruby. From page one I got the distinct impression that Tola Riley was sitting in front of me telling her story. I enjoyed it far more than I expected.

I was intrigued by the book whose cover is sporting all green apples, and then one black one. I love apples, so I said "Hey, why not?" and I'm so glad that I picked this book up and gave it a shot. I think readers will love this one as much as I did.

The gist, Tola Riley is crazy, or at least everyone thinks she is. A sixteen year old girl, with a spunky personality, is thrust into the spotlight when she's accused of having an affair with her Art teacher. When her classmates, town, and family turn on her, all Tola has is herself. Bad Apple is completely told from her voice, and it is awesome! She's a character everyone will fall in love with.

Tola is quirky, dry humored at times, and extremely loveable. When she tries to voice the truth about her alleged affair, she's ignored. Bad Apple follows her along as she tries to pick up the pieces, and eventually make everything right.

Throughout her plight to make everything right, Tola is taken on a journey of self-discovery, and she learns how to depend on herself, and to see others in a new way. Not only is Bad Apple a coming-of-age tale for Tola, it's also a turning point for the other characters. Each person is depicted as the complete opposite of the other, yet in the end they all find a medium of respect and how to love one another for their differences. Each one is different, yet each one is the same. if that makes sense.

Overall, Bad Apple is a must read. I highly recommend this book to every reader in their teens and older. It will make you think, make you cry, make you laugh, and then it will make you see all people in a new way. We can all take lessons from this green-haired, nose-pierced, loveable Tola Riley!

Book Blurb for Bad Apple

"If I really wanted to open up, I'd confess that I really am the liar everyone believes I am."

Everyone thinks Tola Riley is crazy. Everyone except Mr. Mymer, her art teacher. He doesn't care about her green hair, or nose ring—and he gets her paintings and lets her hang out in the art room during lonely lunch periods.

Although Tola likes to keep to herself, when rumors start flying about an affair between her and Mr. Mymer, she is suddenly at the center of a scandal. The whole town is judging her—even her family. When Mr. Mymer is suspended, she has no choice but to break her silence. The question is, will anyone believe her?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 5.00