Velvet Memories

Violet Summers' latest velvet offering, Velvet Memories, tells the tale of Rob and Michael. In high school, Rob was a complete dolt and broke Michael's heart. After ten years, Rob has finally accepted that he is gay and Dominant. After gaining entrance to BDSM club Velvet Ice, he is stunned to see Michael, who works as a professional submissive. Michael is hesitant to believe that Rob won't hurt him again. As such, he keeps his distance. When they scene together after a wax workshop, Michael knows that Rob is dangerous. Rob is determined to make Michael his and will do whatever it takes to atone for his mistakes.

I liked this book. I think that Rob's initial reaction was realistic (he always thought he was straight and then Bam! an encounter with Michael proves him wrong) when he flees- but I don't give him free reign. He wasn't the best friend. He cut Michael completely out. I think that Michael's reaction was also spot on. Of course he is going to be wary of what Rob's intentions are. Of course he is going to do his best to keep his distance. Watching these two overcome their fears and recreate their relationship was a great way to spend a few hours. I like the emotion that Summers brings in her books.

Book Blurb for Velvet Memories

Their senior year Rob broke Michael’s heart when a moment of passion led to months of panic and denial that ended their friendship. Ten years later, Rob has come to accept what he couldn’t back then: he’s gay, he’s a sexual Dominant, and he wants Michael now more than ever. When Rob walks into a wax-play workshop at Velvet Ice, the club where Michael works as a submissive, it brings back memories of pain and rejection, but it also brings back memories of a passion Michael has never found the equal of. Can a Dom with an agenda and a sub with a healthy fear for his heart move beyond their past and find the courage to face the future…together? This title contains unrequited love, emotional baggage, molten hot wax, molten hot boy-sex, Bondage, Domination, submission, and awesome techno club-mixes.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.25