True Identity

Identity Crisis

Jillian Stewart is a graduate student wanting to get into a competitive doctoral program. As such, she decides to write her dissertation on the lifestyle of BDSM. Her guide, Stephen Sachelles, sees the submissive need buried inside Jillian. He asserts that she cannot write theoretically, she must live the lifestyle. Jillian fights herself, her demons and Stephen's guidance. She has a traumatic past that she hasn't overcome and Stephen helps her meet her past head on.

I really enjoyed Lila Munro's realistic view of a conflicted woman who wants to submit but fears the repercussions. True Identity is gritty and angst but very enjoyable.

Book Blurb for True Identity

You have to leave the city of your comfort…

Jillian Stewart was as straight laced as they came. Or was she? After one man tearing her down to her very foundation, she’s set out on a path of self-discovery. Pursuing a Master’s degree in sociology, Jill’s determined to wrap her mind around the complexities of the BDSM world. Getting into a good doctorate program won’t be easy so she’s pulling out all the stops. After disregarding her professor’s warning against subjecting herself to the lifestyle, Jill finds she’s drawn to her tutor. But this isn’t her world. Is it?

and go into the wilderness of your intuition…

A career Marine Corps officer, Stephan Sachelles has always chosen to keep his lifestyle choices to himself. He avoids the underground house parties on the base to frequent a club miles from home in an effort to protect his privacy. Steph’s been a Master at Steele Image for years and he's enjoyed the company of many of the subs there with no intention of ever settling on just one. How would he make that work…it wasn’t like he could convert his base house into the dungeon of his dreams. Then Jill walks through the door. Steph’s intuition tells him there’s wild abandon inside her fighting for a chance at life. In the depths of her eyes, far behind the over analysis of everything she encounters, Steph sees the heart of a true submissive. But the resistance Jill puts up is driving Steph crazy. While she’s a good student, she just won't let go. Fighting his own internal battle, Steph finds he wants nothing more than to be the only Master to help her find her true identity.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.75