Triple Knot

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Triple Knot

Nikki Soarde’s Triple Knot features Dane Calder, a modern day Crocodile Dundee (except much hotter), bar owner Kat Mulligan, and her best friend Chay Tamblin as they take the journey of a lifetime. Dane comes to Canada to find Kat and convince her to journey to Australia with him in search for the Sapphira. Kat is furious when she meets Dane and finds out he works for her estranged father. She decides to go with him after her father convinces her of the Sapphira’s worth and she considers how all that money can assist in paying for her brother Connor’s care. But she’ll go- only if Chay will go with her as a chaperone. The journey is full of adventure and misadventure, but coming home is the biggest adventure of them all- the happily ever after adventure.  This story encompasses hot sex scenes but the emotional connection was a definite winner for me. Dane is fighting his own demons while Kat and Chay seem able to exorcise his demons. Of course there is a ‘big misunderstanding’ and the subsequent understanding was deftly handled. The happily ever after is believable but abrupt. Great read!

Book Blurb for Triple Knot

Kat Mulligan, a tiny woman with a big personality and bigger heart, built a business and life for herself and her handicapped brother. Her focus is on the positive—and the future. The past can stay buried.
Until her estranged father suddenly reappears. She tries ignoring him, and the pain he brings with him. However, she can’t ignore his proposition—head to the Australian wilderness in search of a treasure that could change her life.
Dane Calder, her handsome would-be guide, is too irresistible for her own good and the two of them connect explosively. Kat decides to go on the search, but to keep her focused on her goal and not on her rugged guide, she insists her best friend Chay accompany them. The gay man is the perfect chaperone. Or is he?
Dane’s desire for Kat is obvious, but his feelings for her athletic, boy-next-door friend come as a surprise—to all three. None of the adventurers are prepared for the secret loves and desires unleashed beneath the azure skies of the Kakadu.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00