The Search is Over

Ronna Gage's "The Search is Over" is a long romantic tale about Candi Patterson and Rafe Sines. Rafe, a twenty-four year old man, returns home after an acrimonious divorce. Living with his parents isn't all that it's cracked up to be. After a week, he's tired of listening to the lectures about growing up. He moves in with a friend and sees Candi Patterson. Candi recently discovered that the man she was seeing was planning on moving back north and rekindling a relationship with a girl he left behind. Candi is upset, but is philosophical about the situation, for the most part. Unfortunately, he still thinks that he can get a little Candi on the side. Candi isn't buying. She meets Rafe and is really attracted to him, but has decided that she is going to focus on school and getting out of the trailer park she is living in. Of course, they both ignore that edict and start dating. Everything is great until they move in together. Rafe has a personality transplant and becomes a huge jerk.

This is a long story. It's tiring. At times I wanted to yell at Rafe- actually, I'll take that back, I literally yelled at him at one point. Candi has her head on straight and is trying to better herself to have Rafe and his immaturity try to tear her down. This was a frustrating book because I can't relate to such an immature hero. I appreciated Candi's strength but thought she could have done so much better with someone on the same maturity level.

Book Blurb for The Search is Over

Home after a bitter divorce, Rafe seeks to find the man he’s become. In a quiet trailer park on the outskirts of town, a young woman captures his attention. Trouble is, she’s taken, but when they meet, all bets are off. The so-called boyfriend is out of the picture, clearing Rafe's path to her.

Candi Patterson shares living expenses with her coworker and her boyfriend. Working nights as a bartender and going to school during the day is hard on a girl’s social life. Feeling lonely, Candi agrees to date her roommate’s son only to be told later that he is moving back north. Devastated, she comes to the reality that love stinks. It gets in the way of her goals, and she has too much going on to complicate things with dating.

In a chance meeting, Candi meets someone who makes her reconsider that earlier decision. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.00