The Good Student

The Good Student, by Stacey Espino, is a deliciously taboo story of a teacher wanting his student and the student wanting the teacher.

After a fifteen year mistake- erm, marriage, Hayden Taylor is gun-shy about jumping into the relationship arena. When shy good girl Kaya steps into his classroom, he knows that he is fighting a losing battle. When she expresses her own desire to him, he promises to keep it professional. She promises just as vehemently to keep it as personal as possible.

I love the teacher-student angle in this book. He is dominating but loving and she is the shy and quiet student needing a guiding hand. Of course, there are troubles in romancelandia. When another student takes a shine to Kaya, Hayden isn't sure if she is playing him or interested in the younger man.

Overall, this was a very quick read; I wouldn't have minded a longer story and I would have liked the relationship to pan out more. For a fast read that hits two of my favorite yum factors, I did enjoy the book.

Book Blurb for The Good Student

Kaya's tired of playing the good girl. All it got her was a broken heart and nothing to show for it. When she transfers to a new university, she's instantly attracted to her philosophy teacher. He's older, wiser, and his position promises security and commitment.

Getting the hard-bodied Mr. Taylor to notice her isn't so easy. He's determined to keep professional and ignore all her attempts at flirting. But as time passes Kaya realizes there is more between them than just intense sexual chemistry. When her teacher finally takes a chance on her, all bets are off.

Kaya and Hayden embark on a passionate love affair that heals both their hearts and turns up the heat. When Hayden's dominant side appears in the bedroom, Kaya can't get enough. Nothing could be better-if only their love wasn't forbidden.

Be Warned: anal sex, mild BDSM

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00