The Fire Within

Eva Keane's book, "The Fire Within" features two stubborn, hot-headed individuals who really know how to hold a grudge. Once good friends, after a passionate encounter which featured a mistaken identity, friendship falls by the wayside and the Hatfields and McCoys enter the arena. When their families leave them stranded in a cabin in the woods to "work out their differences," passion overrules and lust takes over. When they get back to the real world, their interferring relations don't stop... well, interferring, and they encourage Sophie to audition for a role in Lucas' upcoming film. When she lands the part, Lucas isn't sure how he can manage to keep his cool. Not only is he directing the woman he can't get out of his thoughts, he has to direct her in love scenes involving another woman.

Keane's writing is good and flows well. I can't stand the characters. They don't seem like they can get their stuff together without someone telling them how they ought to do it. There are so many miscommunications and false impressions that I questioned why they were together at all. I'm not sure what will happen between Sophie and Lucas if their relatives are no longer involved.

Book Blurb for The Fire Within

Sophie Hayes and Lucas Rhys develop an easy friendship as they grow up together. However, on the night of Sophie’s eighteenth birthday, she makes love with Lucas--her brothers’ best friend--in the dark, mistakenly believing he is someone else. In the subsequent fallout they wage a bitter feud that lasts for years until Sophie’s mother interferes and sends both to the same remote mountain cabin. The pair rail at the sabotage, but their fiery reunion soon turns in a passionate encounter. Lucas departs the mountain after the pair make love but is soon reunited with Sophie when his production company casts her in the lead role of a film he is directing. Already plagued by memories of her, Lucas does not know how he will cope with directing her in the intimate love scenes. What is worse: the love scenes are with another woman.

Contains: FF, MF

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.00