The Adventure Continues

Swinging Games 4

Swinging Games 4: The Adventures Continue is Adriana Kraft’s latest edition of the fun and games of Jennifer and Brent Andrews. Jennifer and Brett have been in the ‘swinger scene’ for a while and have recently introduced their very good friends, Ryan and Donna into their play. Unfortunately, Donna hasn’t grasped the concept of swinging and thinks that she and Ryan will become monogamous with Brett and Jennifer. Not willing to compromise their playtime, Brett and Jennifer decide to host a party to introduce Ryan and Donna into the swinging culture.

I found the fact that rules were established and subsequently broken in this book a bit of a turn off. The basic tenant of having a relationship like this is to be honest with each other. The disregard of those agreements was distasteful to me and I had to question how or if Jennifer and Brett or even Ryan and Donna could really continue on in their lifestyles much less remain married. Adriana Kraft’s writing was clear and concise, but regrettably, I was not drawn into the characters or the story because of the broken rules.

Book Blurb for The Adventure Continues

Seasoned swingers by now, Jennifer and Brett Andrews seize the moment, stage a party and welcome a request to mentor a new young couple.

It's been great hooking up with their long-time best friends, but Jennifer and Brett Andrews aren't about to let anyone cramp their style. To push Ryan and Donna into branching out, they stage a house party with a carefully selected handful of their swinging friends. Fresh adventures beckon when a new young couple asks Jen and Brett to mentor them into the lifestyle.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 2.75