Terms of Surrender

Internet Bonds Book 9

Noah Sheffield, a barrister from London, has moved to the US in order to leave behind a massive case that could have massive repercussions. He and two of his friends have created a successful partnership in St. Louis. The only thing missing from his life is a submissive. He meets a woman online and they chat for months. He asks to meet her, which freaks her out a bit. They meet and it is discovered that Fallon works for Noah. Breaking his own 'hands off the employees' rule, Noah and Fallon decide that they cannot live without one another. They enter into a D/s relationship that had merit- after all, they had been talking online for months- first in open chat rooms and finally in private chat. There is an established rapport from being online together, which I thought was brilliant on Christy Poff's part. When Noah's past returns to the states, the cost is high for both Fallon and Noah.

I really liked the entire story, but I became impatient with the mystery of the story. I wanted to focus back on Noah and Fallon. They had an intriguing balance in their D/s relationship that I wanted to see more of. Terms of Surrender is a great story that introduced two strong, capable characters that really understood each other's needs.

Book Blurb for Terms of Surrender

263 Pages

Noah Sheffield left England to avoid a man’s threat, his trek landing him in St. Louis by way of Harvard Law School. Establishing a successful law firm while sitting on the Federal bench, Noah’s life was perfect—except for one important thing.

Fallon Mitchell had fallen for a man online, one who gave her everything she wanted. Once they met, they knew they would be together—in every way.

But Noah’s past catches up with him and threatens Fallon. Will they accept their own terms of surrender? Or have to swear terms to someone else?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.25