Summer of the Beast

Summer of the Beast comprises two novellas in one. The first story is Whitnee Rae's tale. She and her friends went out for an evening of fun, which led her to unmitigated disaster. The man she hooks up with is a werewolf, intent on changing her and using her powers in an upcoming battle against Frank Stein and his pack. When she flees, she runs smack into Frank and his pack mates. They take her back to their hotel and promise to take care of her and her son. Since this is a novella, expect the story to move swiftly. Some of the dialogue was trite and stilted. There were a few "ew" moments that frankly left me thinking that is so not sexy.

The second story is about Violet Vanworth. After burying her mother, she discovers that her father is still alive and well. She decides to move to his town (in a house her mother left her). She meets her mates as soon as she gets to town. The storyline is almost interchangeable with the first story. There were aspects again that made me think how is this sexy and there were aspects that frankly squicked me out.

Book Blurb for Summer of the Beast

When they say summer is hot, they aren't kidding, but it's sizzling as far as Violet Vanworth and Whitnee Rae are concerned. Especially when the men around them have enough testosterone to melt the North Pole!

All Whitnee Rae wanted was one night of hot sex. Instead, she ends up bitten by a werewolf on the run! And her rescuer happens to be the one and only Frankenstein. Could her summer fling get any weirder?

Violet Vanworth has just buried her mother, and for the first time in her life, she's free. There are no guards and no one telling her what to do. Packing her stuff, she moves far from New York to begin a new life, but fate intercedes. Once more, Violet is surrounded by people who place her in bubble wrap and set her on a shelf - until she is informed that the four breathtaking, built and alpha men were her mates and now they just want her in their bed!

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Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 2.25