South Beach

A Hot in the City story

Holly Pettit met Trey Kennedy during one of those perfect summer romances. When they broke up, life became an open playing for Holly, in her quest to forget Trey. Now she has returned to the Imperial Palm Hotel, where she met Trey, in a bid to finally put her obsession to rest. Of course, what she doesn't know is that Trey runs the place. She decides the only thing to do is seduce, satiate her lust and skedaddle. Trey is thrilled to see Holly again. When they broke up, he knew he was giving up the best thing that had ever happened to him. He is thrilled that Holly has forgiven and forgotten and that she is ready to resume their relationship. When her seduce, satiate and skedaddle plan comes to light, Trey is angry that he was so taken in. I really like second chance romance story lines. I also like Lacey Alexander's 'voice.' I thought the reactions of the two protagonists were beliveable and I was interested in where the storyline went. There were a few instances of annoyance (sometimes friends and family can be such a downer, y'know?) but overall, I really liked both Trey and Holly.

Book Blurb for South Beach

Where seduction is the perfect revenge…


Ten years ago, Holly Pettit spent one romantic, super-sexy summer with Trey Kennedy. The aftermath of their breakup changed her life, and changed her into a no-holds-barred wild child. Now she’s on vacation—and on a mission to rid herself of his memory, once and for all.

She never dreamed she’d return to the Imperial Palms Hotel to find Trey running the place. Nor did she imagine that the very sight of him would reawaken those old, sizzling-hot desires. There’s only one remedy: spend one torrid weekend seducing him with a barrage of naughty sexual skills. Then walk away. That’ll teach him a lesson, and prove to them both she’s not the soft-hearted girl he once knew.

When the time comes, though, she’s not so sure she can break his heart. Not without shattering her own.

Warning: Contains sun and sand, umbrella drinks, and ex-lovers reunited—mixed into the perfect, explicit recipe for sex on the beach. No one underage will be served.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50