Shakespeare Masquerade

Magda Perez and Lord Niall McFarlane were teenage sweethearts who were separated by class, family and lies. When they meet after twelve years, Niall is after his pound of flesh. Magda ia bidding on a property that will keep her mother's company solvent, a property that Niall arbitrarily buys to spite Magda. When Magda's mother approaches Niall to tell him what truly happened twelve years ago, he is devastated. He woos Magda and tries to convince her that what they had years ago needs to be rekindled.

There are a lot of inferences to Shakespeare (Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet, etc) which were interesting but didn't really help the plot. All in all, I really liked Shakespeare's Masquerade, but the secret keeping got old rather quickly.

Book Blurb for Shakespeare Masquerade

CATEGORY: Contemporary Romance.
ELEMENTS: Adult Situations and Moderate Sexual Content.
HEAT LEVEL: Sapphire
LENGTH: Novella

In an attempt to save her mother’s real estate company from liquidation, Magdalena Perez agrees to bid for Cadfan Abbey on behalf of the Town Council. She has done her homework and exhaustively researched the competition. She’s sure of herself, her ability and her success. But then her past resurfaces with devastating effect.

Niall McFarlane wants his pound of flesh, and he’s not above bankrupting the woman who had blackmailed his family and crushed his heart to get where she is today. He ruthlessly outbids her at the property auction and walks away. But the fire he has spent twelve years trying to put out roars frighteningly back to life.

Truths, untruths and secrets emerge as Magdalena and Niall confront the past that has hurt them both. But even as they battle each other, they cannot ignore the love between them that has never truly gone away. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.50