Saved From A Killer

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Saved From A Killer

The Snatcher Series, #2

Saved from a Killer is the second book in Miranda Stowe's Snatcher series. This story continues after Jenna Daggert has been kidnapped and is considered dead. Joseph Morgan, one of Miners Bend's deputies, has become obsessed with Jenna. When he sees a picture of her and her father, he thinks that she is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen. When he gets a call out from a local farmer about someone trespassing in his woods, he never dreamed he would find Jenna, naked and frantic. Jenna gloms onto Joseph and cannot let anyone touch her. When they get to the hospital, she is sedated, in order to let the doctors work on her many wounds and abrasions. Jenna can't remember what the Snatcher looks like. She can only recall snippets of her captivity.

When she decides that she is not going to let the Snatcher win, she does it in a big way. She asks Joseph to let her take control of him sexually and owns her sexuality again. Joseph allows her her control and revels in it... until she makes herself sick. Then she decides she needs for him to take control, for her to feel safe.

My quibbles- I like this story line. I'm assuming that the baddie isn't supposed to be a huge secret, because it was very... well, secret. This does not detract from the story, however. I am really interested in the next story. I did find Jenna's determination in reclaiming herself to be admirable, but I'm not sure how realistic her reactions are. Overall, this is a solid read from Stowe.

Book Blurb for Saved From A Killer

He took seven before her. Seven died. Jenna Daggert is the first survivor to escape the Miners Bend Woman Snatcher, yet she has no memory of her captivity. As everyone else urges her to remember, one faceless man is determined to keep her silent. Forever.

Deputy Joseph Morgan fell for Jenna before he ever met her. And now she's alive and back in the flesh, and she wants him to be the one to heal her battered soul. But her idea of healing isn't what he expects. While she leads him down a dark path into lust, he grows intimidated, not sure if he can draw her back into the light and return her to the woman she used to be.or if the Snatcher will strike first.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00