Princess Mine

Brindle Chase's Princess Mine features a refreshingly honest heroine who knows exactly what she wants and forgets anyone who doesn't agree with her decisions. Briar and Daeven have played cat and mouse games for three years until Daeven finally captures his elusive Fae. Daeven is realistic- he knows that Briar's family will not accept their relationship, so he tries to back away. Briar leaves him, frustrated that he is making all the decisions for her. Of course, he can't stay away, so they run away together.

I really liked the fact that Briar was clear headed enough to say "this is what I want" to both her father as well as Daeven. While Daeven is alpha and protective, Briar is no shrinking violet who is too afraid to help her mate. A fantastic read.

Book Blurb for Princess Mine

Princess Briareth’lianna traverses Drearwood forest every full moon—for the exhilarating thrill of the chase. Her heart pounds rapid and furious in her Elven chest as Daeven, the sexy human werewolf, tracks her with bestial hunger. A hundred times she has escaped the dark and incredibly hot wereling, but the adrenaline-laden lust that scorches her veins each time leaves her yearning to know what would transpire if caught. His ravenous need and powerful body could destroy her…or engulf them both in the fire that fuels her erotic dreams.

Visions of the beautiful and exotic Briareth’lianna torment Daeven with sexual promise every night that passes between each lunar cycle. Their game of cat and mouse had long been more for him. To pin her in his arms and taste her, just once, he would risk a forbidden love between Elf and Human. This full moon, he vows she will be his.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.25