Prime Defender

Book 4 in the Necessary Roughness series.

I admit it, I confess that I feel like one of Ann Jacobs' fan girls. Every book that she publishes, I rush to read and Prime Defender was no exception... until I read the synopsis. I'm not a huge fan of male submissives- it just doesn't ring my bell. But, this is Ann Jacobs, for Pete's sake, so I prepared to take one for the team and read it.

And boy howdy, am I glad I did. Matt has been with Keisha for years- as her husband, her submissive and her slave. Unfortunately, Keisha hasn't been taking care of herself as much as she's been taking care of her sub. When her weight becomes a major issue and lands her in the hospital, Matt knows that he has to step up and force her to take care of herself. She undergoes surgery and starts to take better care of herself. Matt takes her to the club and assumes mastery over Keisha. They are both wary of what is going to happen with their original relationship and whether or not they can reassume their Mistress/slave dynamic.

While the Mistress/slave dynamic isn't one that I usually like, I did like the fact that Keisha relinquished enough control to take care of herself. She is strong enough to know that she needs the help and accepts the help that is given to her.

Book Blurb for Prime Defender

Big, tough, sexy linebacker Matt Rubin is a killer on the field—but a willing slave in the dungeon to his voluptuous, beautiful Domme.

Keisha loves her buff, gorgeous sex slave. It is the ultimate erotic gratification—having such a strong, intimidating man completely at her sexual command.

Then a health crisis forces them to make a temporary switch. The sex slave becomes the Master. Keisha is totally out of her element and they both wonder how they can ever really go back to that perfect love.

Reader Advisory: This book contains sexy, kinky, public sex scenes involving multiple partners and ménage. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.75