Perfect Master

Book 5 in the Pleasure Partners series.

As the younger son, Crown prince Arik fled Obsidian when his father arranged for him to be castrated or put to death. Arik figured death was preferable to castration. As a result, he has been maimed and scarred. He refuses to have these physical reminders surgically fixed, partially as a punishment to his father and partially as a reminder to himself. When he is mated to Emerald, he knows it is only a matter of time before she flees from his hideous visage. Emerald, however, is made of sterner stuff and is enthralled with her new master. She is horrified by what he experienced, but she refuses to let him hide from her.

Perfect Master is a great Beauty and the Beast tale. Arik lets his defenses down to Emerald almost immediately, which is refreshing. Great read!

Book Blurb for Perfect Master

Crown Prince Arik needs a consort to breed his sons but is afraid no woman will have him voluntarily once she sees his scars. He will meet his bride for the first time at their public mating, with Arik covered from head to toe in black leather—except for the bare essentials.

Emerald is alarmed yet highly aroused as the palace eunuchs fondle and stimulate her in preparation for Arik’s mating. But afterward, he pulls from her body, escorts her to his tower and leaves her alone.

Emerald once saw her prince from a distance and admired his beautiful form. Confused by Arik’s behavior, she insists she has the right to see her mate and he reluctantly accedes to her demand. Arik is afraid for the first time in his life and filled with regret that he refused the help of the cyborg maker. Their future rests on this fateful revelation.

Reader Advisory: This book contains erotic, multi-partner sex scenes and graphic male/male sexual interaction.

Publisher’s Note: The books in the Pleasure Partners series originally comprised the Luna Ten Chronicles and Obsidion Chronicles series and were previously published elsewhere, but they all have evolved through extensive lengthening and heavy revision for Ellora's Cave to make for a consistent and hopefully enjoyable reading experience. This book was previously published under the title Obsidion Chronicles: Diamond in the Rough.  

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50