Pack Territory

Book three in the Were Chronicles Series

Pack Territory, book three in Crissy Smiths’ Were Chronicle Series, introduces new pack Alpha Adam White and pack member Tasha Johnson. There is a large cast of secondary characters and storylines, so it is imperative to read the series in order. Tasha appeals to Adam to help her find her young sister, Crystal, after Crystal ran away from the pack. There is an instant attraction between the two of course. While both question whether or not they are capable of providing for others (he as the Alpha and she as a surrogate mother to her sister) both readily accept their attraction for one another. Smith continues to expand on the secondary story lines and the reader gets the “what happened after…” questions answered. Overall, the book was enjoyable and I liked the fact that Smith continues to keep all the players on the field. There were a few transitional areas that did not flow but overall, those moments were overshadowed by the primary story.

Book Blurb for Pack Territory

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Paranormal/ Werewolves/ Shapeshifter



Adam White is the new Alpha in his territory but Tasha Johnson may the one in charge.

As new Alpha of his territory, Adam White has his hands full. He must make the transition to his new role as smooth as possible, which is easier said than done. His father's mental state is worrisome, a teenage girl has run away, and the woman of his dreams is helping with the search.

Tasha knows the last thing the new Alpha needs is to look for her missing sister. Desperate, she goes to him and asks for his help anyway. As they leave their territory behind and travel to the city, she has more than just her runaway sister on her mind. Adam has taken a hold of her thoughts and fantasies.

With so much happening around them, can two fated mates find one another and leave the world behind? If only for a few stolen erotic moments.


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00