Never Have I Ever

Reynolds Pack, #1

Ana Hudson recieved lewd pictures of her staid husband engaging in a m‚nage. Already fearful that she is not giving him what he needs or desires, during their weekend away, she vows to bring out the beast in him.

And, hoooo-boy, does she.

Taylor Hudson is thrilled with his life. He is a werewolf in denial and has been able to repress his animalistic desires for his wife successfully. Now Ana is pulling out all the stops and his beast likes it- a lot. When Ana lets her inhibitions go, sparks will definitely fly. Taylor is forced to decide whether or not to admit what he is and what he wants or lose the best thing that has ever happened to him. Toss in a buddy who shows up unannounced for the weekend and more than sparks will fly.

I really like paranormal stories. I really like when a man is conflicted and wants to do the right thing but wants to protect his woman as well. This book has it. I liked that the marriage was already solid and that Ana wasn't a simpering fool. The inclusion of Taylor's best friend and Alpha was hot, hot, hot.

Book Blurb for Never Have I Ever

The higher the stakes, the hotter the game.

Ana Hudson enjoys her picture-perfect marriage to the love of her life. Everything is pleasant, easy—and satisfying. Then an anonymous e-mail arrives filled with lurid pictures of Taylor’s youthful exploits, leaving her wondering if she really knows him at all. More importantly…does she know herself?

Driven to uncover the truth and push the limits of their sexual boundaries, she convinces Taylor to arrange a weekend getaway to a friend’s luxury cottage in the mountains. It’s the perfect place to get her husband to spill his secrets—and show him there’s a wealth of kinky fantasies hiding inside his good girl.

Taylor’s spent years suppressing his animalistic side, hiding the not-completely-human DNA that once drove him wild. Except now his once quiet, reserved Ana has launched a campaign to destroy every inch of his hard-won control.

With the snowy wilderness containing his darkest memories surrounding them, and his old pack-mate dropping in to give them a few pointers, the sexual battle of wills gets fierce.

Let the games begin.

Warning: Contains a brooding, dirty-minded, not-quite-human hero, a sweet not-quite-good-girl heroine, a howling-hawt car ride up a mountain, a chase through the snow followed by an erotic adventure with sports equipment, oral sex, anal sex, and a M/F/M ménage scene that will leave you panting.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50