Mastered By A Wolf

Mastered by a Wolf is about half-Fae Eliza Dogood and werewolf William Cope. Eliza is searching for her sister in the midst of a huge snowstorm. When Eliza figures out her sister went to the print shop to buy a Valentine for her beau, she immediately sets off to find her sister. Not only does she find her sister, she also finds her mate, William. William is thrilled with Eliza- she is gorgeous and submissive to boot! When she saves his life at the cost of her magic and immortality, William is devastated.

I liked this book. I wish it was a bit longer, though.

Book Blurb for Mastered By A Wolf

Eliza Dogood is a half-fae-maid coming into maturity and suffering all the growing pangs caused by this life-altering time. The one aspect she’s finding harder and harder to cope with are the lurid fantasies. It’s not uncommon for her kind, but having put herself on the shelf, Eliza faces a lonely future with only her naughty dreams to keep her warm at night. Until she meets him.

William Cope has never considered how a life-mate might affect his solitary werewolf life. He’s about to find out. Eliza is the perfect woman for him. Not only is she gorgeous, she’s a willing slave too. A single caveat has put the brakes on their mating. Eliza is fae. His bite will destroy her.

Contains: light bondage, domination/submission, anal sex 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.50