Make Me Shiver

Just Make Me, Book One

The review for Make Me Shiver, by Aline Hunter, has been giving me fits. On one hand, I really like Hunter's voice and writing. I love the hapless damsel in distress and I love the dominating man coming in to save the day. What's not to like, right? The only problem is that the trust and relationship was instantaneous and I have a really hard time coming to grips with it.

Lacey loses control of her vehicle one night and who comes to her rescue? Sexy Dom Michael. She and Michael met one night, had a few drinks together, and Lacey was warned, by her best friend, that Michael was into the kink scene. Lacey, while intrigued with the idea of BDSM, is convinced it's just not for her so she skedaddles and leaves Michael high and dry. When he comes to her rescue, she is both elated and scared. She has done some research on the culture and is even more intrigued about the idea of Michael taking control. When he takes her home so he can clean up a bit, with a few well-placed hints, Lacey explores his playroom. This is the first time they really come together, no dating, just an insta-dungeon scene. Ok, fine, it's Romancelandia, I'll buy far.

The next morning, Michael is called out for a rescue. While he is out, a sub comes to the house and intimates that Michael is her Dom and she is a-ok with the sharing. Lacey runs- which is understandable. They patch things up. Michael demands her trust (yeah, kinda strangers still..) and she swears that she will give it to him, but she is still nervous, new, yadda yadda yadda. Their first date includes dinner out and a private BDSM party. Again, Michael pushes for the total trust card.

Here is my issue... three dates does not an "I trust you to push all of my boundaries, 100%" make. Michael pushes for that. Then he tells her that if she can't deal, she can leave. While it is essential that trust is established in a BDSM relationship, I felt that there were certain instances where he did not take her into consideration and he dropped the ball.

There are also subplots that are heavily hinted at but not fully fleshed out (I am assuming for future books in the series). Those detracted from the meat of this story, I thought.

That being said, I really enjoyed the dialogue and the writing. Hunter is deft with her prose and the overall schema of the book was good. But there were certain aspects of the book that just did not ring true.

Book Blurb for Make Me Shiver

When Lacey loses control of her vehicle and finds herself trapped by ice and snow, she knows there's only one person to call for help. Unfortunately, Michael may cause more turmoil than relief. She's lusted for the gorgeous Dom ever since she first laid eyes on him. Trouble is, he doesn't do vanilla and she's not a submissive.or is she?

Michael's hungered for Lacey for months, so when he notices her fleeting glimpses and blush-stained cheeks as he rescues her from an altercation with a guardrail, he decides it's time to push the sultry beauty's boundaries.only to discover Lacey's not as reserved as she thinks.

Physical attraction blossoms into something neither anticipates, taking Michael and Lacey beyond kink, dominance and submission. Their newfound connection is strong. until a flame from Michael's past returns, shatters the fragile trust he and Lacey have only just developed and threatens to destroy something neither wants to surrender.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.25