Loving Their Dream Weaver

This is Cooper McKenzie's second foray into the Dream Weaver series.  Penn, Suz and Liam are easing into their new relationship and Suz is determined to create the most beautiful shawl she can on the loom.  The relationship between the three is hot, hot, hot!  There is a secondary mystery, which is elementary and easily solved, but does create a distinct tension between the three. A blast from the past has reared its ugly head for Suz and when all her work is destroyed she is absolutely devastated. 

All in all, Loving Their Dream Weaver is a sweet read and leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next for the trio.  The dominant, caring men that Suz has aligned herself with are beautifully crafted.  Suz's self-consciousness is definitely understandable and her men do all they can to support her and encourage her.  I immediately picked up the final book, Marrying Their Dream Weaver.  Great series!

Book Blurb for Loving Their Dream Weaver

In this sequel to Claiming the Dream Weaver, Suz has moved lock, stock and Mac the cat to New Bern. As Penn and Liam McKenzie help her settle into her life, fear keeps her from taking up her new duties as the Dream Weaver. Will she be good enough to keep the world from freezing in an endless winter?

Once she begins weaving, she finds she needs the brothers even more than before. Especially when someone begins making threatening phone calls. When the studio is vandalized and weeks of Suz’s work destroyed, the twins know they must protect their Dream Weaver with everything they’ve got.

Will moving the loom from the studio cause irreparable damage? Or will the trio’s love be enough to keep the Dream Weaver and her loom safe? 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25