Light My Fire Anthology

Cooper McKenzie's Light My Fire anthology is an offering of three novellas featuring red hot firemen. The first story, Burn for Me, investigates which of the five senses is most important when making love. The second story, Wildfire, has cafe owner Holly and fireman Marco consumed and overtaken with lust during business hours. The final novella, Light My Fire, features neighbors Chloe and Gunner. Chloe has had the hots for Gunner for a while, but doesn't think that he could ever go for a girl like her. He proves her wrong in a most delicious way.

Each story is short but McKenzie packs an emotional punch.

Book Blurb for Light My Fire Anthology

A trio of firemen and the women who love to start, and put out, sexual blazes with them.

Burn for Me: When asked which sense is most closely tied to arousal, she doesn’t have an answer so they experiment to discover which sense sparks the sensual burn.

Wildfire: Holly Franklin felt the heat the moment she met Marco Jacobs, which built until the morning he came to her café for breakfast and their attraction became a wildfire.

Light My Fire: Cleo Jones had always had a thing for her next door neighbor, but wasn’t sure how Gunner Nielsen felt about her until he rescues her in the middle of a downpour and the fire of attraction is lit. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25