Last Call

Joanna is having a bad day. Thanks to her boyfriend/boss, she is now out of a job, out of a boyfriend and is now trying on a huge bender at The Ranger, a local bar. Her brother, Kevin, suggested she get drunk to forget about her woes. After following his advice, she calls him to pick her up at the bar. She mis-dialed the number and instead called fireman Eric Layton, who decided that leaving her drunk at a bar at two in the morning was not wise. Eric takes her home and she begs him to stay the night.

Last Call is a short, erotic romp by Olivia Brynn. Reading drunk Josie's antics and conversation was fun. Josie is a likable character that owns her own actions. Eric is a protective sweetheart. The beginning of their relationship is believable. It would be fun to read more about them later.

Book Blurb for Last Call

Eric Layton is used to being awakened by the phone. Firefighters are always on call.

When his phone rings in the middle of the night, he’s halfway to the door before he realizes that it isn’t his chief calling him in for an out-of-control fire. The woman on the other end, however, is a little out of control, and in fact a lot drunk. Before he can explain that he’s not her brother, her cell phone cuts out. His conscience won’t let him leave the woman waiting, but is he prepared for the chemistry that flares once the stranger climbs into his truck? 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50