Joe's Birthday Girl

Celebrating her 30th birthday, journalist Elena Lombardo wishes for two things: a fun night and wonderful sex. Enter Joe Flaherty: tall, dark and handsome as all get out. He promises her a birthday night like none other- and boy, does he deliver! The next day, Elena leaves without saying goodbye. A few days later, she meets him again at the scene of a bank robbery. Joe wants more than one night with Elena and goes out of his way to prove it. 
Rarely is there an alpha hero that doesn’t kick every single hot button to make the reader think “WHY is she with him again?!?” but Joe Flaherty retains his alpha status while not hitting those marks. He pampers and spoils and wants nothing more than to protect Elena at all costs. Elena is spunky even when dealing with her own hang ups. She doesn’t beat around the bush and carry on. I liked the interaction between Joe and his brothers. The sexual tension and scenes are amazingly hot but the interaction between Joe and Elena- the intimacy is even stronger. While Joe is trying to discover who is behind the bank robbery, unbeknownst to Elena, she has a stalker who is not happy with her relationship with Joe. The mystery was pretty easy to solve, but the scope of the book seemed more on the relationship between Joe and Elena and her overcoming self-image issues rather than a lengthy, drawn-out whodunit.

Book Blurb for Joe's Birthday Girl

Erotic Scarlet Rosebud

Page Count: 178

On her thirtieth birthday, Elena Lombardo is looking for only two things: a good time and a hot man to love her body. Fun with her friends is guaranteed, but a man to love her plus-sized figure might not be so easy to find.

FBI agent Joe Flaherty is not the kind of man to hesitate when it comes to something or someone he wants. And what he wants is to have his hands all over the gorgeous curves of the Birthday Girl at the end of the bar.

After a night of intense passion neither will soon forget, they are brought together once again by a crime that puts both their careers and their hearts on the line. But a darker force lies beneath the surface, threatening both the case and the passionate love developing between them. Can Joe end up living happily ever after with his Birthday Girl?

This title contains: explicit language and anal sex.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.75