Jennifer's Lessons

Jennifer Jansen is a twenty-something college senior that is exceptional in math. Blake Daniels is a war veteran who served two tours- one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Blake has enrolled in school, hoping to enroll in an engineering program. In order to do so, though, he has to brush up on his math skills. The professor requests that Jennifer tutor Blake- which she agrees to- eagerly. She is intrigued by Blake's reserve and good looks. They settle into tutoring, but they both are aware of one another and are both attracted to one another. Blake is interested in Jennifer, but knows that she would not embrace his 'darker' desires.

Jennifer's Lessons is a BDSM-lite book. Katherine Kingston does not introduce the heavier side to BDSM in this story. There is light spanking involved, but beyond that, there isn't a lot of 'darker' aspects to their relationship. I did like that Jennifer and Blake took their time with regards to establishing a relationship. Blake did not force his desires on Jennifer, but they made mutual decisions. I did think that Jennifer was immature at times, but taking into account her age and inexperience, it wasn't surprising. I think that Kingston did a great job in creating such fleshed out characters.

Book Blurb for Jennifer's Lessons

An ex-soldier preparing for an engineering career, Blake needs a tutor to help him catch up in his math classes. He gets more than he expected in the brilliant Jennifer. Sparks fly from the moment they meet, and though Blake suspects Jennifer can't handle his kinky tastes, he can't resist her. She could benefit from the discipline he offers but neither of them is sure she could live the lifestyle permanently-and anything less isn't an option for Blake.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 3.75