Invitation to Ecstasy

Sara Lancaster is a battered sub who is afraid to trust a Dom again. When she gets an invitation from her friend Ethan to join in for "training weekend" at his club XTC, she decides to try again.

Derek Thomas is a Dom who is afraid to have a sub's trust. He had a sub that he humiliated and now he is afraid to try again. When they meet, Sara acts like a bratty sub but Derek sees through her walls and wants to break them all down.

I liked the story between Sara and Derek, but I found the story of Derek's past to be a bit weak. I liked that Ethan was so protective of Sara and Derek both.

Book Blurb for Invitation to Ecstasy

A woman unwilling to trust… Sara Lancaster isn’t sure accepting her invitation to a BDSM weekend at XTC Resort is a good idea—though she does have something to prove. Years of abuse at the hand of her former Master have taken their toll. Now, two years later, Sara believes she’s ready to embrace her submissive side once again and enjoy the carnal pleasures of a younger Dom.

A man testing his limits… Derek Thomas has lost belief in his abilities as a Master. Accepting an invitation for Dom training could be exactly what he needs to regain his self-confidence. Challenged with an experienced older woman, he soon realizes wielding a flogger isn’t always enough to break down the emotional walls and heal a damaged submissive.

Two people with something to prove… Sara and Derek sizzle with sexual heat the moment they step into the dungeon. The mind-blowing sex and physical pain may satisfy their bodies, but wounded souls and broken spirits just may require something even more intimate—their hearts.  

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.75