I've Been A Naughty Nurse

Vital Signs Vol. 1

JoAnna Watson, surgical nurse beyond pale, is tired, frustrated and needs a break. Literally. After working several double shifts back to back with no time off, she's exhausted. She is told that she has to work yet another double when she tells her boss that she needs at least an hour of personal time to relax. On the way down to the cafeteria, she meets Dr. Harlan Wilkinson- the new surgeon at the hospital. He's rude, blunt and expects his way or no way. His characterization seems a bit formulaic, but it works within the text. The elevator stops working and JoAnna and Harlan hook up. The passion is instant and hot and JoAnna revels in it. Another nurse at the hospital, Shirley Daniels also hooks up with Harlan. Only she holds a grudge when she doesn't get Harlan. Enter unscrupulous ex-husbands, shady lawyers and you have prime-time made for paperback! The story itself does flow but some scenes were just over the top drama theater. The plot was solid, even if it was high drama. The characterization and characters themselves were fun to read, if a little flat at times.

Book Blurb for I've Been A Naughty Nurse

Joanna Watson, a recently divorced top surgical nurse in picturesque Statesville, North Carolina, is frustrated with her stalled career and dead-in-the-water sex life when she suddenly finds herself trapped in an elevator with an unknown, abrasive Yankee surgeon, Dr, Harlan Wilkinson. The elevator gets stuck, the lights go out, and spontaneous, hot-n-heavy sex commences. Joanna is mortified at her own behavior---and yet she thirsts for more. Meanwhile, Joanna’s colleague Shirley Daniels---an overworked, underpaid nurse-anesthetist who’s neglected her personal life for years because she’s been busy caring for her dying parents----finds her own hidden sensual side awakened by Dr. Harlan Wilkinson, too. And these two romantic rivals are sure to get into some sticky situations before all is said and done.Vital Signs is a sexed-up, small-town version of Grey’s Anatomy---a busy, high-pressure hospital environment that is a perfect breeding ground for hot sex and hotter sexual tension.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.25