Highland Heat

For sheer audacity and originality, I give Tilly Greene two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Hamish's birth is the stuff of legends. His mother is walking home across some fields after her car breaks down. Something spooks the animals and she is savaged by the animals, due to their fear. She clings to life until help arrives to save the baby. His father is struck with grief and doesn't really have a relationship with Hamish as a result. Hamish's family is pushing for him to find a woman and settle down, but he hasn't found THE ONE. There is a great deal of emphasis by Hamish that he wants to find his other half.

At a party one evening, he sees Grace- a stunning beauty who smells divine. He decides that he wants to meet her. so he does and promptly sticks both feet in his mouth. She leaves, after giving him a huge piece of her mind, and he is left knowing he screwed up. Of course in romancelandia, Hamish makes an appropriately humble apology and the relationship begins.

I really liked the relationship between Hamish and Grace. The creativity that Greene introduced into the story was unique and interesting.

Book Blurb for Highland Heat

On the surface Hamish has it all and because of the horror surrounding his birth, he possesses the respect of the entire Scottish nation. But underneath, where few are allowed, lurks a secret. Although well hidden, the furtiveness needed to keep others from discovering it also keeps him from committing fully to another.

One night he discovers a shocking secret about himself. Hamish doesn’t put it all together until he sees Grace Strachan. Only then does he begin to understand what’s going on. He’s in heat and she is his mate. As his desire for her grows, he knows everything is on the line.

Establishing trust with another has never been easy, but Hamish must find a way or risk losing Grace forever. And that isn’t an option.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.50