Linda Gayle’s science fiction erotic Havoc definitely plays havoc on the reader. Gayle built an intense world full of post-apocalyptic scenarios. The story begins with a bang (pun intended) as we’re introduced to Captain Kels Havoc. Having lost his ship in an effort to repay a debt, Kels is, ah, working his way to purchasing his ship back. His first mate Elion has been in love with Kels for years- Kels seems clueless. Enter Sayal- an innocent who seems to be hiding something- who has a plan for Elion and Kels to regain their craft- with the understanding that they’ll take her with them. Kels and Sayal are attracted to one another and Sayal knows that Elion has feelings for Kels. The relationship is slow going, to an extent, but the world building and the actual creation of the romance is beautifully done. Ordinarily, I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi, futuristic stories, but Gayle’s adept writing made the book enjoyable and interesting. The trio is pursued by Sayal’s past and each must come to grips with the secret she is hiding. All three eased into a ménage with a wonderful lack of artifice and accepted one another naturally. There weren’t a lot of scenes of “oh no we can’t, no we shouldn’t” but there were a lot of “we can definitely do this.” Very hot read, very enjoyable and the characters were incredibly personable and likable.

Book Blurb for Havoc

Kels Havoc could have written a book about all the ways to lose a lover—and with the departure of his latest, he’s ready to add another chapter. This time, though, he’s determined to follow her to the high sex games on the far side of the universe and win her back. Unfortunately, Captain Havoc just gambled away his beloved ship. His grand gesture will have to wait--until a strange girl offers a proposition that might solve all his problems.

As an alien/human hybrid, Sayal Iluma’s very existence is illegal. But four months on the run, she’s ready to turn and strike back at the Prime, the creature that created and enslaved her. The Prime is a fan of the high games; what Sayal needs is transportation—and a sex partner to get her inside. Then she’ll be in the perfect position to kill. Once she uses her secret empathic abilities to help Kels win back his ship, she’ll be on her way.

With Kels’ lover gone, first mate Elion Andervaars finally has a chance to reveal the hidden torch he’s been carrying for his captain. Then Sayal appears. She’s nothing more than a moneyless girl who’ll take advantage of his boss’s big heart. Yet he finds himself equally affected by her beauty and softens just enough to offer her deal. If she goes one round with Kels in the local sex games, Elion will agree to allow her to travel with them—after she’s done her part and helped them win back their ship, of course.

In the sexually charged atmosphere of the games, the three of them forge bonds that go far beyond the boundaries of their original bargain. Bonds that are tested when Kels and Elion find out Sayal is something more than human.

Their gamble turns out to be only the first of many. The Prime is in an unholy alliance with the ruthless military complex, and Sayal is the centerpiece of his diabolical plans. There’s only one way for Kels, Sayal and Elion to save the Sentient Universe and win their freedom: Risk their lives—and their love for each other.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75