Fondling Her Muse

Writer's block is the absolute worst. Luckily, Sky Kelly has Ransom and Carson to serve as inspiration for her erotic novels. Initially, I felt like I was missing some backstory or part of the novel. Ransom served as Sky's muse when she was younger and he demands that his story be told. What's a hapless writer to do? Upon writing Ransom's story, she knows it's time for him to be part of the past. Carson, a salesman, is Sky's other muse. He is also her friend with benefits. But Sky wants more, only she's afraid to ask the tough questions. I usually like Cooper McKenzie's work, but Fondling Her Muse fell flat. It's a super short novella and I wanted more.

Book Blurb for Fondling Her Muse

Sky Kelly writes erotic romance. Finding inspiration for and assistance with her writing, in a pair of men hot enough to melt her keyboard.

Carson: When Sky Kelly needs inspiration she calls on her muse, Carson Harmon. Will she be able to tell him he means so much more to her than just inspiration?

Ransom: Sky is shocked when she finds herself kidnapped by Ransom, her first crush, her dream lover, her muse and the man who now demands she write him a romance. Will Sky give in, or will she fight to hold onto the muse who has seen her through so much?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.25