Flesh Wounds

I'm a huge sucker for the 'love right beneath your nose' type stories. Usually it's the shy quiet girl next door, but Robin Badillo sets that stereotype on its head with "Flesh Wounds."

Julia Benson left home five years ago after too many disappointments left her reeling. Dylan Banks was the boy across the street who was always very aware of Julia. When she comes back, Dylan plans to prove to her that not all men are created equal and she can put her love and trust in a man- namely, him. Julia is broken and emotionally shattered. She has scars that run deeply and is gun-shy to embrace romance. Dylan is patient and the all-around sweet guy. I did think Julia had reason to be hesitant, but I did get frustrated with her at times. I thought Dylan was a little too perfect at times.

Overall, I really liked "Flesh Wounds-" even when I was imagining shaking the characters.

Book Blurb for Flesh Wounds

Never overlook the boy across the street. He just may become the man of your dreams.

After five years away, Julia Benson has finally come home. Facing the painful memories awaiting her in the small Texas town is nothing compared the mess she’ll make when she gets there. Dealing with the ripple effect leaving had caused the ones she loved was just as hard as dealing with being abandoned by a father who wasn’t everything she’d believed him to be.

Dylan Banks was the boy from across the street who’d loved Julia since they were kids. She was the only girl for him and the only one he couldn’t have. Unable to repair that broken part of the girl he’d loved from afar, he now has a second chance.

His plan? Love her until she gets it through her thick skull that not every man is like her father.

But can love really repair all that has gone wrong in Julia’s life or are some wounds just too deep to heal?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00