Wow- how do I talk about Annabel Joseph’s Firebird? In a word the book is stunning. The give and take from professional and personal lives and how real life can complicate a relationship were beautifully illustrated. Prosperity Ware strives for perfection. Always. As a corps dancer, she works hard, takes her craft seriously and doesn’t really play the games that her fellow dancers play. Jackson Spencer is the new choreographer for the Townsend ballet and he is drawn by the, pardon the pun, fire that he sees in Prosperity. She will be the new principal in his ballet, unquestionably. They are both attracted to one another, of course, but the complexities of their relationship are beyond boss/employee lines. Jackson is looking for a no-strings-attached D/s fling- so he places an ad in an effort to seek a woman who would accept his terms. Prosperity is shocked to see that “George” (the man who placed the ad) is none other than Jackson Spencer. They quickly agree to a relationship so long as it remains separate from the studio.
The relationship between the two is unconventional and Jackson is a bit slow on the uptake at times for being an experienced Dom, but I actually liked the introspection where he comes to terms with the fact that this ‘no-strings-attached’ idea just isn’t going to work. Prosperity falls and falls fast for Jackson and despairs where this non-relationship will go. The story encompasses more than gratuitous sex scenes (which- don’t get me wrong, there are plenty and they are awesomely written); there is a broad story involved with secondary characters that are fleshed out and not static.  Jackson and Prosperity work well and play even better in Firebird. The romance is believable and the interactions between the two are hot!

Book Blurb for Firebird

Prosper is thrilled to be plucked from the corps de ballet to dance the lead role in Firebird. But Jackson, the guest choreographer, is as sexy as he is demanding. Prosper soon finds herself flustered by his closeness and his unforgiving gaze. She gets caught up in kinky fantasies that make it difficult for her to concentrate on his steps. She imagines him as her Dominant, turning her over his knee for flubs in rehearsal. Just as sensual tension at work builds to an impossible level, a surprise encounter outside the studio results in Prosper’s fantasies being realized. Jackson takes his protégée home and ties her to his bed. Soon Prosper is receiving the discipline and domination she craves -- and much, much more.

The pair maintain a secret off-stage relationship -- scorchingly intimate encounters several evenings a week. But Prosper feels the burden of carrying the Firebird ballet on her back, and Jackson knows that his time in New York will draw to an end all too soon. Will Prosper crack under the pressure of pleasing her lover and bringing his vision to life, or will Jackson find a way to help his Firebird take flight?

This 57K word spicy romance novel contains explicit sensual content, and BDSM theme and elements.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00