Finding the Right One

Barbara Elsborg's Finding the Right One picks up from Doing the Right Thing. Nursing a broken heart, Will flees on his boat and meanders the Greek isles. He has an open invitation to stay at a villa while he's docked. When he gets home one night, he was denied access to the villa from Imo, a guest with Ionian Adventures, sabotages the villa. The misunderstanding is cleared up the next morning, but Will is more than displeased to find out that his villa has been overtaken. Imo is nursing a bruised eye and is understandably skittish. When she finds out that she is enrolled in learning how to sail, rather than sitting by a pool drinking Mai Tais, she deals with it. She is an absolute mess on the water- if there is a way to break something, trip or pop open the emergency life boat, she'll do it. Will is intrigued with Imo, but is still feeling raw from his relationship with Addie.

I really liked Doing the Right Thing, so I couldn't wait to jump into Finding the Right One. I didn't feel the major connection between Will and Imo that I felt between Will and Addie. When the bad guys catch up to Imo and Will, I wasn't too invested in their adventures. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the book. I did- immensely. Unfortunately, after the angst and set up from Doing the Right Thing, I expected a lot more from Finding the Right One. I expected more angst from Will. He said a few nasty comments, but beyond that, nothing. Imo's back-story was minimal and I expected more from that as well. Finding the Right One is a good story, though. It was great to see where Will ended up. I just expected a lot more emotion from the book.

Book Blurb for Finding the Right One

Take a gorgeous man and a sexy woman. Add a sprinkling of Greek sunshine, a splash of blue sea. A perfect recipe for love. Except the man is nursing a broken heart and the woman is nursing a black eye.

Imo needs something to help her forget the man she’s left in London. When she throws open the shutters of her villa to see a Greek god reclining in all his naked glory, how can she resist?

Working as a sailing instructor in Greece is just what Will needs to forget the woman he can no longer have. Not easy when she’s rarely out of his thoughts. When he’s attacked by a minx wearing red underwear, he wonders if he’s found the perfect way to distract himself.

Finding out if Imo’s the right one could be just the cure Will needs…so long as it doesn’t get him killed. With Imo’s past in hot pursuit—it might.

Note: Will and Imo’s story is a wonderful tale on its own, but if you’re wondering how Will came to be reclining naked on a Greek Island, nursing a broken heart, grab a copy of Doing the Right Thing to discover where it all went wrong.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00