Finally His

I usually love Emma Hillman's books, but Finally His fell flat for me. Lucy has been in love with her twin brother's best friend for years. After one failed date, Nick has sworn off seeing Lucy again. After a great deal of pestering, Lucy convinces her brother to set them up again. The date starts with Nick mortified that it's Lucy again. He insists on taking her home, only to have an accident, culminating to Lucy and Nick having sex on the car. See, Nick has thought Lucy was hot for years, but she is completely off limits. I usually love the brother's best friend hook-ups but this one was just off. Nick is known around town for his indiscriminate ways and he is convinced that Lucy will walk sooner rather than he falls back to flirting and carrying on. When Lucy calls him on it and she finds out why he insists he stay away, I didn't believe her reaction. I'm not sure if I believe that Nick is reformed and is willing to be monogamous. I'm largely ambivalent to where they go from here.

Book Blurb for Finally His

Lucy has been in love with her brother’s best friend Nick for years. Too bad their last blind date failed spectacularly. In a final bid to make him see the light, she asks her brother to set them up again.

Nick has been trying to ignore Lucy’s curvaceous body for a long time, but it’s getting increasingly difficult. When they end up naked on the side of the road, he knows he’s in trouble for sure.

Trouble has never tasted so good. He needs more. He needs her. He’s just not sure their relationship can survive the secrets it’s built on.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.00