Embracing the Tiger

Book 3 in the Valiant Hearts series.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs third installment of her Valiant Hearts series, Embracing the Tiger, is the story of Princess Aladee, Bax’Taran the Brave and Yevlor the Swift. Imprisoned in the evil usurper Tordanuk’s clutches, the trio forms a bond and fall in love. Not only does Tordanuk hold them in captivity, but his sorceress has cast a spell on both men, forcing them to become animals during the day. Bax’Taran becomes a lion while Yevlor becomes a tiger. Both men are protective and take care of Aladee as much as they possibly can and the tenderness and love is evident between the three. Yevlor, close to death after several beatings, has volunteered to accept yet another of Aladee’s punishments knowing full well he will not live. A remarkable empath, Aladee heals Yevlor in the only way she knows how- by taking his beast from him. The trio narrowly escapes and flees the castle.

I really enjoyed the story thus far, but unfortunately the Duex ex machina becomes a bit trite and tired. The threesome travel swiftly away from the castle to a spot by a river where Aladee and Bax’Taran (while in animal form) hear voices and see a golden beautiful place that they are both convinced is the future and is real. Subsequently, they are visited by the goddess of the underworld and given food, clothing and told they are the second half of the chosen three that will save humanity. Let me preface by saying this: I enjoyed the book. I really did. It was different (up until the gods and goddess bestowing gifts, knowledge, skill, yadda yadda yadda upon the threesome) and I really liked the relationship the three managed to create while in captivity. There were times that I thought Dobbs tried too hard with the prose and dialogue and the wording was flowery and borderline purple prose-ish. Overall, Embracing the Tiger is a fun quick read. The sex scenes were creative.

Book Blurb for Embracing the Tiger

If it weren’t for the fact that the gods had forbidden it, Princess Aladee would pray for the sweet escape of death. Unending torment as a prisoner of the bloodthirsty Tordanuk and his evil sorceress, Shivrane, has taken a mighty toll.

Chained to the dungeon wall beside her, Bax’Taran the Brave and Yevlor the Swift, both Guardians of Zalvanus and cursed shape-shifters, have taken countless lashes meant for Aladee. Brave, noble and strong, the tantalizing pair exudes raw masculinity. Their mutual connection is intense, their lusty attraction for her undeniable.

Aladee dreams of sharing freedom and passionate lovemaking with her beloveds. But with Yevlor’s strength depleted from excessive torture, she fears he won’t survive another shift into tiger form. With the thought of losing Yevlor unbearable, Aladee uses her empathic ability, intent on creating a miracle. Will their sexual bond be strong enough to help them triumph?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of graphic violence and references to rape.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.75