Doubling on Denise

A Raider's Bodyguards Tale

Denise is being hounded by a wannabe Dom ex-boyfriend. Her family calls in Raider's Bodyguards to come in and protect her again. Zach and Jack, two of Raider's top protectors know Denise and know that she is the woman for them. The cards, as they say, are immediately put upon the table. Zach and Jack will protect Denise and care for her, but she has to accept her role in the scheme of things. They know she is submissive and they are ready to claim her. Denise, at times, was a spoiled and willful character that frustrated me. She did things that just put her in the "what the heck were you thinking" category. The men also had moments where they frustrated me.

Cheryl Dragon can definitely create flawed characters that are realistic. Doubling on Denise is a fast but pleasurable read.

Book Blurb for Doubling on Denise

CATEGORY: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Ménage, Raider's Bodyguard.
ELEMENTS: Multiple Partner Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content, Graphic Language, and Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy. *Warning: This title contains elements of BDSM, including bondage and submission.
LENGTH: Novella

An ex who won't let go is a real nightmare for Denise. When he gets out of jail on a technicality, she turns once again to the only men who can protect her and know her secret desire for BDSM.

The Temple brothers are two of Raider's finest bodyguards and had a perfect record until Denise fired them a year ago. Now she's back and begging for help. Little does she know how well they understand her submissive side and how long they've wanted to show her the safe and proper way to serve her true Masters. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.25