Dirty Deed

Dirty Deed, by RM Sotera, is a continuation from Dirty Dancer. In this edition, Sophia and Jett are planning their happily ever afters and life couldn't be better. When the two find out that Jett has been promised to his cousin, all Hell breaks loose. Literally. Jett tries to include Sophia into the mating rite with his fianc‚e, which goes horribly wrong. Sophia flees to New Orleans in order to console her broken heart. There, she met another man who promised her the world and eternal life, if she loves him. She feels something for him and she definitely wants to no longer feel the pain from Jett's actions. Jett travels to New Orleans to fight on two battlefronts: get Sophia back and stop Lucifer's take- over of the world. I had mixed feelings about this book. I felt Sophia's pain during the rite and I cheered when she went to pick up the pieces. I thought Jett embraced his heritage a little too heartily- but at the same time, I understood it. I cannot recommend enough that you should read Dirty Dancer first. I liked Dirty Deeds, but it was a mixed bag, emotionally, for me.

Book Blurb for Dirty Deed

A scorned woman on the run. A viking demon slayer torn between the love of his life and his lineage.

Las Vegas powerhouse, Sophia Dahl, is planning a wedding. Hers. But when she finds out before a romantic dinner that her dirty dancer fiancé, Jett, is actually a Norse demi-god slash viking demon slayer and is betrothed to someone else, her world as she knows it turns upside down.

Jett embraces his new duties, but his attempt to include Sophia in the First Rite sex ritual to power meld with Sasha fails. His betrayal sends Sophia running to the French Quarter of New Orleans and into the arms of a master vampire.

Can Jett and Sophia’s true love survive the seismic shift and new people in their lives? Or will Sophia’s speak now, think later attitude cause her to become dead as a doornail?

For total enjoyment of this book, one should read Dirty Dancer, prior to Dirty Deed.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.50