Desire's Awakening

Gail deYoung's Desire's Awakening was a breath of fresh literary air. Kaitlin reads an ad in a paper that compels her to contact the Trainer and author of the ad. She agrees to live in the Trainer's house with six other trainees and a jealous `head sub'/switch. Sir Damien finds Kaitlin to be distracting and irresistible. He finds himself breaking his own rules in order to be with Kaitlin. When his attraction to her draws serious attention from his jealous `head sub,' Kaitlin pays an unbearable price. As much as I enjoyed this book- and I did, immensely, there were certain facets that really bothered me. Damien, as the Trainer and Dom, should have been more aware of what was going on his in household. When Kaitlin is beaten, he sequesters the jealous sub, Corinne, in her room and tells her that she will be going on auction. Her response was to set up even more punishment for Kaitlin. Understandably, Kaitlin backs off from Damien- and rather than intuiting why Kaitlin has backed off, Damien sulks and ignores Kaitlin.

The final culmination is the- rushed- ending where the auction takes place. Not only is Corinne up for auction- she and Kaitlin are up for auction together. leaving an open field for Corinne to do more damage to Kaitlin. The ending is rushed to the point of a `what the---?' moment. I would have liked to see a bit more evolution from the auction to the end. I really loved the initial interaction between Damien and Kaitlin. Kaitlin was a new sub and needed handholding and petting- which she got in spades from Damien. I will definitely be looking for more of deYoung's work.

Book Blurb for Desire's Awakening

“Submission…the most intimate exchange of power. If this is your goal, let me take you to your limits and beyond.” When Kaitlin reads the Trainer’s ad, she is compelled to answer it. She secretly desires the D/s lifestyle. From the moment their eyes meet, she knows this is what she wants. But nothing could have prepared her for living in the Trainer’s house with six other trainees and a jealous Switch. And she never could have expected her intense attraction to the one man she can’t have.

Sir Damien doesn’t understand why the new girl is so intriguing. He has trained many girls in the D/s lifestyle, yet he’s never felt a connection to any of them. It has been easy to remain professional with the girls. This one should have been no different. But somehow she is, and his lust for her is spiraling out of control.

Reader Advisory: Kaitlin’s erotic training is varied and involves some female/female interaction.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.25