Dani Loves Dallas

Caulfield Cowboys

Stewardess Dani Stewart needs a little R&R. She decides to take a break at Dallas Caulfield's ranch. Unbeknownst to her, Cal Ryder, a former fling, is Dallas' best friend and works on his ranch. Dallas and Dani start to get close and Cal decides that he really misses Dani and wants her back. Dallas and Cal decide that the best thing to do is to share Dani. Dani and Dallas get closer and Cal decides that he wants Dani for himself. Dani, while she really likes Cal, is beginning to fall in love with Dallas. Tina Holland looks at a m‚nage relationship in a realistic way. The jealousies, the awkwardness between the principal players are all deftly shown.

Book Blurb for Dani Loves Dallas

Dallas Caulfield had a pretty good life until Dani Stewart arrived. She makes him feel things he thought buried and brings about a rivalry with his best friend, Cal Ryder.

Dani is looking for a break from a job where she flies non-stop and Dallas fits the bill nicely. Dani barely has a chance to have any fun when Cal, a one-night stand, gets in the way.

Cal never got over his fascination with Dani. So he agrees to share her with Dallas. As the lovers delve deeper, secrets arise. Cal is willing to risk everything to acquire the woman he loves. There’s only one problem, Dani loves Dallas.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00