Collective Memory

Devin, a governmental desk jockey, has been appointed as Cayl's liaison while he is on Earth. His mission is to collect an alien who has the power and ability to take over the world and universe. Cayl, also an alien, is deeply resentful of his human appearance and finds the body and abilities cumbersome. The last known establishment the fugitive was found in is a local BDSM hotspot. Devin calls Mace, a member of the club, in an appeal for him to help them out. He eagerly accepts, since he has been attracted to Devin for quite some time. Mace, openly bisexual, is also attracted to Cayl. He doesn't believe the alien schtick, if that is the story Devin and Cayl want to shovel, it's all good to him. He slowly begins to believe what they are telling him as Cayl's mannerisms and fascination with sex and the human body show that Cayl is other-world. I really liked the story arc overall. I liked that Devin had her snappy comebacks and her honest reactions to Mace and Cayl's attractions. She doesn't see what Mace or Cayl would want with her- she is curvy and shorter- not model material. Mace and Cayl have no problem showing her what they like about her at all, though. Of course, the question is: what happens after Cayl's time on Earth is up? Overall, great summer read!

Book Blurb for Collective Memory

For Cayl, coming to Earth and taking on a masculine Earthly form is less than convenient. These human senses are distracting and clearly the reason humankind hasn’t progressed.

For Devin, escorting Cayl through his first day on Earth is just part of the job…until she discovers the bad guy they’re chasing is hiding out in a notorious sex club.

Enter Mace. He’s willing to help out and allow them access to the club. After all, Devin and Cayl are two of the sexiest people he’s met, even if Cayl does sound like a Sci-Fi convention reject. Mace is more than willing to play along with Cayl’s “innocent” act, even though he wants to devour them both.

But there’s a dangerous alien on the loose and Cayl’s rethinking his opinion on human senses. Suddenly he finds it quite intriguing to see, taste…and touch. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00